Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So what have I been up to all this time? The answer - working to become an author.

In mid 2010, Tribal Machine was put on hold as one of its long-term members moved away. A rather turbulent time followed where I forced myself to have a hard think on my future and what it is I wanted out of this existence. By then I got to experience the joyous, climactic highs of the stage as well as adventuring and working with a great group of guys; I got to hear Tribal Machine's music play all around the world; I got to interact with amazing fans from every nationality; and I experienced being on TV, radio and in print.

I had a song in a feature length film and had my third record mastered by one of the best in the world. I released three albums, the last of which, a concept album, taking almost four years to complete - by far the most difficult, most ambitious thing I ever took on in my life, and by a wide margin. If I was to compare how difficult it was, I'd say writing a 100,000 word book and re-writing / editing it to death is at least ten times easier - and that is no exaggeration.

So after reviewing my life and realizing I have been doing music for most of it, I decided to pursue another dream of mine - to become an author. I spent the next year or so writing and re-writing two books in a series that will likely consist of between 5-7 volumes. I always knew I would one day become a writer, just didn't think it'd happen so soon. So that's where I'm at; I've finished two books and as I start the third, I have begun the process of looking for an agent to represent my work.

Whereas the back-end of Tribal Machine was done without the help of a record company and manager, I am looking forward to working with professionals in the literary field. The books are young adult fantasy set in a medieval-inspired world. I can tell you it was incredibly fun to write, and from the feedback, it's looking promising. That's all I'm saying right now ;)

For those wondering what's going to happen to Tribal Machine, don't worry, the writing and music compliment each other like matching puzzle pieces, and I'll be doing both till the day I die. Right now I'm focusing on writing, but I still jam, and when the right moment comes, you will hear new Tribal Machine again.

With all my love,

Sever Bronny

"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try."
- Beverly Sills