Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Picture is worth a thousand words

.......or so they say.

I'd only use two words on this one: "Hell yeah!". I fucking love these posters =P

Hoodies + T-shirts + CD's on their way this week. Dog Tag coming late next week. As you can see, posters have arrived already.

This means I'll finally be able to post an official release date next week + release that video I've been holding for the event. Plus I'll also be able to finally post a lot more tracks and start a rotation, which is something I;ve been dying to do for ages.

It's going to get stormy here =P

I've been workign 11 hours a day on Tribal Machine, four-five days a week. There's a lot that's been happening behind the scenes. I want to start sharing more of it with you guys as it's starting to get interesting. But not just about the band. Other stuff that itnrigues me as well =P

There's going to be an open listening party for "The Orwellian Night" in Vancouver probably late May. It'd be cool to meet some of you in person, so if you're up for the trip I invite you to come down and meet me and the guys. I'll keep you posted on this. If you do want to come be sure you're subscribed in some way (mailing list --> www.tribalmachine.com will do) so I can notify you in case it's not posted here.

I'm in talks to do three tours:

A short West coast tour of the US.

A six week US tour.

A full-on European tour.

Once we get touring, I am thinking that come next year onwards I won't stop. I'm thinking I'd like to tour a lot and often. I'd like to see the world that way, and above all, meet you all in person =)

With love,


Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Things are coming along fast now. In the last few weeks I've managed to start my own publishing company specifically to publish Tribal Machine music to film. I've also managed to almost finish ordering all the merchandise as well as get the CD mostly manufactured (still waiting for it to arrive). I;ve really had to wear a lot of hats (manager, publicist etc). But that comes with the territory of being an indie musician i suppose.

I've also begun work on the new web page which you can check out in its temporary home until official publishing here;


I'm just testing it out right now so don't expect it all to function quite yet, and there will be changes yet to come. But you're welcome to explore it and give me feedback as to what you think (or even introduce yourself in the mini chat. I'll be there for the next hour or so) =P

So after careful consideration the following merchandise is being made:

2x3 foot glossy Tribal Machine "The Orwellian night" poster.

Black Tribal Machine hoodies with Mr Corp. logo on front and Tribal Machine on the back. (Best Fruit of the Loom hoodie you can get)

Black Tribal Machine T-Shirts with Mr Corp logo on front and Tribal Machine on the back. (American Apparel - high quality cotton jesrey made in America. Best quality t-shirt out there)

Glossy Black Tribal Machine "Soldier in a War of the Mind" dog tag and chain (it's not a spelling mistake, it's meant to say soldier =)
On the back of the tag will be the Mr Corp. logo.

My new aim with music and merch is to get you only the best quality. Period. you will not be disappointed with any of the merch or music. I think quality is much more important than cost, and that's the stance TM is taking.

I've spent a lot of time on the phone learning what to get and how to get it. That time is almost over. Soon the time will come for the promotion campaign. I'll be on the phone a lot again sending CD's to all four corners of the globe. So if you know a radio station in your area that should have our CD please forward along some contact info (The DJ's name would be cool too).

Right now we're still looking at roughly a late April release. Those of you that pre-ordered the CD might get it sooner =)

In the coming weeks expect a video for "The Orwellian Night", new music, and new photos. As the date of release draws near, I plan on interacting more and more.

So how are you? Anything new in your life?


P.S. If you haven't already I invite to join our new mailing list located on www.tribalmachine.com or our myspace page in the "about section" =)