Monday, May 10, 2010

Farewell to a brother

I wanted to take some time and say goodbye to a brother. Tribal Machine's long-time bassist and friend, Brad Wutke, is leaving the band to pursue interests in Japan.

We are going to miss his witty humor, his fantastic musical prowess, his jam nights, his drunken hooliganism.

I met him in Nanaimo in 2002. His production skills were far more advanced than mine, and his musical genius inspired and intrigued me. I knew I had to work with him on some level.

Brad joined the band in 2005 and contributed to Soldiers in a War of the Mind and The Orwellian Night. Although we will continue to be good friends, his time with Tribal Machine has, for the near future, come to an end. I consider myself lucky to have worked with him and learned from him all these years. His talents are vast and many.

To honor his departure, I present you the last photo shoot we did together, as well as some memorable pix from years past.

If you'd like to say goodbye personally or thank him for his contributions to TM, I am temporarily putting up his email address here. I think he'd appreciate it. His email is


Of course he will continue his work on his solo music project Buyproduct

To honor his departure, I present you the last photo shoot we did together.
The photos below (the ones in an antique hue) are by Darshan Photography and shot in Feb 2010.

Brad is on the far right. Trademark grin.

The following photographs are by Dani Boynton:

Following photos by Daniel Ferguson:

Brad live with TM in 2006

Early 2005 rehearsal, Brad is on far left.

Same rehearsal. Brad strumming away.

Our very first show in late 2004. Brad is closest on right.

Brad on far right. Early 2005 house party show. The three of us were a team for a long time now.

Below photo by Dani Boynton:
Live in Vancouver.

Brad Wutke, bassist for Tribal Machine 2005-2010.
We wish him all the best in all of his future endeavors.

Going to miss you guys much. On behalf of the band, good luck and keep in touch =)

With love,


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